A Lasting Impression

Discover what it was like in beautiful Bucks County in the late 19th and early 20th century when an art colony grew up along the banks of the Delaware River. Artists, whose work was influenced by the French masters of Impressionism, set up their studios, taught classes and met socially in the small river communities that provided a constant source of landscape inspiration for their “en plein air” paintings.

The Michener’s Traveling Trunk program is an interdisciplinary program with connections to visual art, drama, social studies, science, geography, and language arts. The program integrates the study of art history and regional history with hands-on activities for elementary age students. It can be successfully enjoyed, however, by learners of all ages since the program explores themes using authentic artifacts, historical photographs and challenging lessons and activities.

The Lasting Impression Traveling Trunk contains:

  • Reproductions of work by Pennsylvania Impressionist artists Edward Redfield, Daniel Garber, Fern Coppedge and William Lathrop.
  • Period clothing and authentic artifacts of the time period.
  • A paint box with palette, oil paint, paintbrushes and palette knife.
  • A teacher’s manual containing a unit plan with a series of interdisciplinary lessons to be used with the visual arts, history, social studies, drama, and language arts subjects.
  • Additional resource materials and books relating to Pennsylvania Impressionism.
  • A scrapbook containing news clippings, journal articles and photographs of Pennsylvania Impressionists and relevant documents, all from the museum’s archives.
  • Journal entries and letters between Pennsylvania Impressionist artists.

This project was initially funded by International Partnership Among Museums and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of USIA.

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