students in gallery activity

Please note: This program includes an associated fee per student. Email [email protected] or call 215.340.9800 for details. 

Explore the rich connections art and language arts can offer your students. The museum’s programs support the development of literacy and language skills in students of all ages. Using our permanent collection works and our changing exhibitions, students will respond to work using various language arts activities, including in-depth discussion and observation, writing and drama. Below are just some options available for grades 3-12. Lessons are approximately one hour and 30 minutes.

Download the flyer for detailed information about these programs.

Explore and share your experience within the Nakashima room through the medium of poetry. Students will learn about different forms of sculpture, Japanese architecture, and the philosophy of Nakashima and his inspiration from nature as part of this program. Students will create a group choral poem and write poems inspired by nature.

Using paintings from the permanent collection with historical themes, students will explore the possibilities for creating historical narratives. Works by Edward Hicks, Edward Trego, and Rembrandt Peale provide starting points for written reflections.

Viewing our extensive collection of landscape paintings, students will be guided to write descriptive writing pieces within the galleries. Students will consider how individual artists create unique landscapes of seasons and settings. Impressionist and contemporary landscapes will be considered as sources for students’ descriptive journeys.

Using images and ideas from the museum’s collection of abstract and contemporary works, students will be inspired to create imaginary stories and dreams.

Studying portraits in our galleries will lead to writing journal entries that capture the subjects’ thoughts and feelings. Students may share their writing through improvisational drama.