Transforming the Ordinary: Bookworks by Hedi Kyle


Transforming the Ordinary: Bookworks by Hedi Kyle

January 16, 2010 - March 27, 2010

Over her long career as a book artist, Hedi Kyle has pushed the envelope of what is considered a book. She has not only invented alternative book structures—the Flag Book, the Spider Book, the Blizzard Book—but her innovations in the field have been taught the world over. Kyle began her training in Germany where she studied graphic design and illustration.

After moving to America in the early 1960s, she studied bookbinding and book conservation. For over thirty years as a professional conservator, Kyle followed traditional practices for preserving books and archives, but as a maker of artists’ books, she has always been interested in using new materials and processes to transform conventional book structures. She has also been a life-long educator—teaching workshops on bookbinding in prestigious art venues throughout this country and abroad.

Since 1986, Kyle has taught bookbinding at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Her exhibition at the Michener showcases the groundbreaking ideas and structures she has created throughout her life.

Both the Lynne Allen and the Hedi Kyle exhibitions were organized as part of Philagrafika 2010, a contemporary, international, printmaking festival. More than a hundred exhibitions and programs at arts institutions in the Philadelphia area were held from January through April 2010 as part of the festival.