The Rodin Legacy


The Rodin Legacy

Curated by Kirsten M. Jensen, Ph. D., Senior Curator of Exhibitions

February 28, 2015 - June 14, 2015

Whether they embraced or rejected Rodin’s realism and respect for tradition, modern sculptors were, and continue to be, indebted to his innovative sculptural techniques as well as his focus on formal qualities and spatial relationships rather than narrative elements. This small exhibition explores the influence of Rodin on 20th century and contemporary American sculptors (with the exception of Henry Moore), some of whom continue to embrace Rodin’s legacy with their interest in naturalism and the partial figure, direct carving, and a desire to express inner psychological states through the physical form.This exhibition includes pieces by Gaston Lachaise, Warren Wheelock, Charles Rudy, Harry Rosin,George R. Anthonisen, and Charles Wells.

The Rodin Legacy is generously supported by Lauren Travis of Travis Gallery