Sponsored by Barbara Fighera Harrison and Sew Smart Fabrics.
Addidional support: Mancuso Show Management / Quilt Fest

Founded in Britain in 1985, Quilt Art has sought to extend the boundaries of the quilt as an art form and to achieve wider recognition for its member artists. This exhibition of 40 quilts brings together 24 contemporary quilt artists from nine countries, including the U.K., Belgium, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Hungary and the U.S. Each artist is represented in International Expressions by both recent and earlier works and a catalogue of the exhibition is also available.

The diverse cultural backgrounds of the members help them to bring various approaches to their craft, such as direct observation or inspiration that comes from very personal or even social issues. As a result, the artwork is dynamic and challenging. Many of the artists first trained in other fields. Yet they each found the tactile process of patterning, sewing, layering and joining fabric to be an ideal means of self-expression. These artists explore a range of abstract and thought-provoking ideas with an ever-changing variety of surface techniques, combined with color, texture and stitch.

The members of Quilt Art have exhibited nationally (in Great Britain) as well as internationally. Their work is represented in major museum collections worldwide, and many in the group are well-known lecturers in the field. Integrity of expression and quality craftsmanship has enabled them to establish a unique reputation at the forefront of contemporary textile art.