Muhammad Ali: The Making of an Iconchronicles the life and times of a now-iconic figure who was simultaneously the most beloved and most hated man in boxing and who still engenders a strong emotional response from people almost fifty years after his initial rise to public prominence. The exhibit provides a glimpse of rarely seen moments of his personal life as well as more famous episodes from his career. These images not only illustrate the enormous changes that he went through—from a patriotic Olympic champion to a draft-resisting member of the Nation of Islam to a figure of racial reconciliation—but also show that Ali’s gregarious, funny, and likable personality remained intact even as a super-charged political atmosphere swirled around him. This exhibition tells the story of an American hero who has come full circle in the hearts and minds of people throughout the world, and features more than 50 photographs by such distinguished photographers as Annie Leibovitz, Gordon Parks, and Art Shay.

Exhibition curated by Hava Gurevich, Director, art2art Circulating Exhibitions,guest curator Michael Ezra, Professor of American Multicultural Studies, Sonoma State University. This exhibition is organized by art2art Circulating Exhibitions.