As part of its ongoing Outdoor Sculpture Program, the James A. Michener Art Museum presented ‘The Gathering,’ an installation of sculpture by Bucks County artist Jonathan Hertzel.

Hertzel works largely in bronze, making abstract sculptures that relate to the structures and processes of life. He starts with a signature DNA-like design, from which grow shapes that suggest both human and animal forms as well as the patterns of nature. ‘My work has a spiral sort of motion,’ he says, ‘things turning within themselves and back out again, back within and out again.’ Among his major influences was the Swiss Surrealist Sculptor Alberto Giacometti.

‘I do feel that my human form is really a conduit, a type of organic machinery gathering energy that is harnessed and expressed,’ Hertzel says. ‘The Gathering is an expression of that energy a force of ongoing creation and change.’ Hertzel was trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and at Alfred University, and his work has been exhibited at the Woodmere Art Museum, the State Museum of Pennsylvania, and the Pennsylvania Academy.