Mari Sabusawa Michener Bequest Society

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Mari Sabusawa Michener Bequest Society

The Mari Sabusawa Michener Bequest Society was established to recognize and honor those individuals who have provided for the museum’s future through a bequest or other planned gift. Traditionally, many donors have made outright gifts to the Michener. Although these immediate gifts of cash and appreciated assets are vitally important, there is also a growing need for other types of gifts. By including the Michener Art Museum in your estate plans, you ensure that the museum will maintain its commitment to remain a home for the region’s rich artistic soul. Bequests and planned gifts also encourage an exemplary pattern of continuing support which will help the museum keep pace with expanding needs and encourage the building of endowment funds to secure its future and mission for generations to come.

Mari Sabusawa Michener: Following her marriage to James Michener in 1955, Mari Sabusawa Michener (1920-1994) became the author’s friend, confidant and constant companion in his non-stop journey around the world. Aware of the need to honor the contribution of artists to society, she left the people of Bucks County a final gift: a $5 million bequest earmarked for the construction and operation of a permanent monument to the county’s artistic tradition. The Mari Sabusawa Michener Wing at the museum stands as a tribute to her generosity and vision for generations to come.



Founding Members

  • Anonymous (5)
  • Liz and Pete Biester
  • Anthony C. Canike
  • Neil E. Ellenoff
  • Dorothy Grider*
  • J. Lawrence Grim, Jr.
  • Barbara L. Ingerman
  • Jo and Bruce Katsiff
  • Donna Sarandrea Kozlowski
  • M. Carole and Ernest Knight II
  • William H. Mandel
  • Ilse and Davis Meltzer
  • Beveridge Moore* and Henry Morof*
  • Donald E and Anna Bosa Mulligan
  • Barbara and Daniel Murphy
  • Francis H. Rasmus, Jr.
  • Robert L. Russell
  • Jane and Bryce M. Sanders, Jr.
  • Doris and Jack Schiller
  • Ann* and Herman Silverman
  • Leslie E and Frank Skilton
  • Charles V. Swain*
  • Dorothy S. Wood*



Honorary Members

  • Estate of Margaret Ahlum
  • Estate of Anna Billa
  • Estate of Dorothy M. Cramp
  • Estate of Vincent Ceglia
  • Estate of Harriet Ermentrout
  • Estate of Jill Paton Casengia
  • Estate of Helen and Kenneth Gemmill
  • Estate of John Horton
  • Estate of Earl Jamison
  • Estate of Molly Marsh
  • Estate of Dorothy Redfield
  • Estate of Katherine Renninger
  • Estate of Charles L. Schlipf
  • Estate of Herbert Ward
  • Estate of Virginia and William D. Williams


A charitable bequest to the museum can be inserted into your will when it is written or revised. You can also add a bequest to your existing will through a codicil or amendment. Your lawyers should be consulted when drafting a new will or when revising an existing one. The museum’s Advancement Office will be happy to discuss giving opportunities with you and assist you and your attorney in drafting appropriate language.


When and How to Update Your Will

  • You want to name a different executor, trustee, or guardian
  • Your assets have significantly increased or decreased in value
  • You’ve moved to another state
  • Your situation has changed through marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, etc.
  • You want to include a gift to the museum or other charitable institution
  • The estate tax laws have changed


How to Update Your Will

  • Step 1 Get a copy of your current will
  • Step 2 Mark the areas you’d like to change
  • Step 3 Meet with your estate planning attorney to draft and prepare new documents to include a codicil, which is an amendment, to your current will**
  • Step 4 Consider discussing changes with your beneficiaries


Here is an example of language to use when establishing or updating a bequest to the museum:

**I hereby give, devise and bequeath to the James A. Michener Art Museum, a nonprofit corporation organized and operating under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the sum of $________, or _________% of my estate, or the following property:__________________.

For assistance or more information about making a bequest, please contact Laurie McGahey, Senior Director of Advancement, at 215.340.9800 ext. 161 or by e-mail.