Mari Sabusawa Michener Bequest Society

It is thanks to the oft-lauded generosity of James Michener that the Museum exists today, but sometimes lost in the story of our founding are the contributions of his wife, Mari Sabusawa Michener. Thanks to Mari’s thoughtful planning, the Michener was able to undergo its first major expansion, and reinforce its very foundations with a significantly expanded endowment. In appreciation of her legacy, the Mari Society was established to recognize those individuals who have chosen to include the Museum in their plans for the future. The Museum is honored to recognize the members of the Mari Society for their steadfast commitment and generosity1.

Anonymous (4)
William G.* & Margaret Ahlum*
Karen & William Aichele
Lois Anderson*
David & Nancy Barclay
Liz* & Pete Biester
Anna Billa*
Jane Bishop*
Doris Brandes*
William F. & Jean M. Brenner
Anthony C. Canike
Donald Carguil*
Jill Paton Casciegna*
Vincent Ceglia*
Dorothy M. Cramp*
Paul Darrow*
Louis & Carol Della Penna
John R. Eckel, Jr.*
Neil E. Ellenoff*
Darragh Miller Ellerson
Harriet* & Charles Ermentrout*
Kathy & Ted Fernberger
Nancy Freudenthal
Madeline B. Garber*
Helen* & Kenneth Gemmill*
Robert J. Goodwin
Lorraine Nevens Greenberg*
Dorothy Grider*
Lisa Tremper Hanover
Mary & Dennis Helf
Hayward J. & Deborah D. Holbert
John Horton*
Barbara L. Ingerman*
Anne Irwin
Marie-Louise Jackson*
Earl Jamison*
Jane & Mal Jozoff
Jo & Bruce Katsiff
Doro Kerr*
M. Carole & Ernest Knight II
Donna Sarandrea Kozlowski
Diane Rickards Levell and James Levell
Harry W. Lownsbury*
Mamie T. Lynaugh*
William H. Mandel* & Robert L. Russell*
Molly Marsh*
Ilse & Davis* Meltzer
Hugh Mesibov*
Arthur & Patricia Metzler*
James A. Michener* & Mari Sabusawa Michener*
Beveridge Moore* & Henry Morof*
Donald E. & Anna Bosa Mulligan
Barbara & Daniel Murphy
Daniel A. Nesi*
Sally Nunamaker*
Robert C. Nuse*
Bonnie J. O’Boyle*
Barbara D. & Roger B. Orloff
Brian H. Peterson and Helen Mirkil
Kevin & Paula Putman
Francis H. Rasmus, Jr.
Dorothy Redfield*
Katherine Renninger*
Florence Rosen*
Richard* & Ruth Betty Rosenfeld*
Robert* & Dee Rosenwald*
Wolfgang Roth*
Lorraine Rudy*
Jane & Bryce M. Sanders, Jr.
Charles Schlipf*
Dr. Marion J. Siegman
Ann* & Herman Silverman*
Elizabeth Skilton*
Leslie E. & Frank W. Skilton
Carolyn C.* & Charles P. Smith*
John W.* & Margaret A. Stone*
Charles V. Swain*
Laurence Taber*
Joyce Tseng
Maximilian Vanka*
Alice & Robert Vernon
Brian Louis Wagner*
Herbert Ward*
Anita Weschler*
Thelma Westrum*
Virginia* & William D. Williams*
Jerome Wolff, MD*
Dorothy S. Wood*
Philip Young


For additional information about planned giving opportunities at the James A. Michener Art Museum, please contact Laurie McGahey, Deputy Director, at 215.340.9800 x161 or by e-mail.

1The Museum is profoundly grateful to the members of the Mari Society for including us in their intentions. Every attempt has been made to produce a complete and accurate listing. In the event of an error, or if your intentions have shifted, kindly contact Laurie McGahey.