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True Grit: The Poetic Eye of Barbara Schaff

April 26 – August 10, 2014
Pfundt Gallery

Barbara Schaff born: 1941, "Wind", 12x12, compressed charcoal on paper, Collection of the artist
Barbara Schaff born 1941, "Electric Garden", 20X20, acrylic, carand'ache on paper, Collection of Phillip Smith

Philadelphia painter Barbara Schaff has spent most of her adult life in a passionate and disciplined search for the poetic image. Both her drawings and her large-scale canvases have the spontaneous elegance of Chinese watercolor and calligraphy as well as the emotional directness of such poetic painters as Turner and Corot. To Schaff, the search for poetry is not about hiding behind a veil of secrecy and illusion. Poetic images drill down through the gentle topsoil of life into the gritty realities, the bedrock. Poetry is, above all, true-to the complexities of the human heart, and the eternal-and fleeting-mysteries of the universe.

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