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Making it Better: Folk Arts in Pennsylvania

May 14 – August 28, 2011
Fred Beans Gallery

This state-wide traveling exhibition told the stories of over 30 master artists whose work can heal the sick, challenge social inequity, assist in meditation, and help communities both grieve and celebrate. Coming from every corner of Pennsylvania, the art represented a wide array of traditions such as African dance, stone wall construction, Native American clay flutes, Pysanky eggs, contemporary blacksmith work, woodcarving, and Vietnamese funerary portraits. All are integrated into people's lives and important enough to be shared and passed on. This exhibit demonstrated that although many traditional arts are rooted in centuries-old practices, they are thriving and meeting the needs of communities today.

Making It Better: Folk Arts in Pennsylvania was created by the Institute for Cultural Partnerships in collaboration with the Erie Art Museum, Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area, Northern Tier Cultural Alliance, Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center, Community Partnerships Resource Conservation and Development Council, and with assistance from the Philadelphia Folklore Project.

Image: Cambodian mask created by Chamroeun Yin of Philadelphia to be worn by a dancer who portrays Ream Eyso, the Storm Spirit, in the dance of Moni Makhela. Photograph by Drew Harty, 2009.

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