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We provide gallery lessons for students preschool through 12th grade. Our staff will also work with you to design a museum lesson that is tailored to your needs. All lessons meet National, State and Common Core Standards. All lessons are approximately 45 minutes to an hour depending on age level. Lessons are designed to relate to classroom studies and include at least one stop in a changing exhibition gallery. Many of the programs below can be extended or designed to fit your curriculum needs. Content for each lesson is adjusted to fit the grade level of your group.

For longer, more in-depth programs combining a gallery lesson and a studio or language arts activity, visit our Gallery and Studio Arts Programs page. For outreach programs at your school, visit our Outreach Programs Page.

For large school groups, consider a dual tour with the Mercer Museum. Half the students can tour the Michener while the other half visits the Mercer. After one hour, the two groups switch places. Reservations and payment must be made separately with the Mercer Museum or 215.345.0210.

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