William T. Trego: Catalogue Raisonne

William Trego in his studio with "Hannah's at the Window", 1901

Courtesy of the Mercer Museum/Bucks County Historical Society

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Unknown photographer


Taken in Trego's studio in 1901, this photograph shows the artist at the easel with the third version of his painting, "Hannah's at the Window Binding Shoes." Only four years after the 1897 photograph, his beard and hair are noticeably more gray. As was usually the case, the artist has posed in such a way as to hide his hands. The awkward position of his right foot is consistent with reports that he walked with a limp.

By this time Trego was doing more portrait work as evidenced by the several sketches on the wall behind him. Just under his chin and barely visible is his "Portrait Study of a Young Girl." Above his head is another surviving work, "French Dragoon." Lower down on the wall and visible behind his chair is a study for one of the figures in his "Siege and Barbette Guns," a work done as part of the George Barrie commission in 1893.

The small model of a soldier on a horse, displayed to the left of his easel, is worth noting as Trego is known to have crafted such models for use in the studio.

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