William T. Trego: Catalogue Raisonne

Sheep, 1909

Courtesy of the owner

Vital Statistics

Oil on canvas, unfnished and unvarnished, 12 x 16 inches
A fragmentary label on the upper stretcher indicates the canvas was purchased from F. Weber and Company, an art supply house at 1125 Chestnut Street, in Philadelphia.
Private Collection


Trego's love of animals and his sensitivity to their personalities is evident in this image of a ewe and two baby lambs in a barn. The blackness of the space surrounding them is unusual for Trego.

This is the only documented Trego work of 1909 and must have been one of the very last canvases the artist painted before his death. According to the story told by the original owner of the painting, Florence Service, Trego gave her the painting when she admired it among a group of canvases he had with him when he passed by her family's farm on Stump Road about five miles from North Wales in the Spring of 1909.

Florence Service was sixteen at the time and was in the yard hanging out laundry when the artist came down the road. As she is reputed to have been a very attractive young woman, it is not difficult to understand how Trego might have been inspired to strike up a conversation with her and make her a gift of the painting.


Obtained from the artist by Florence Service, and passed down in her family to the current owner, her grandchild.


The painting is in poor condition, in need of cleaning, and with multiple paint losses.

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