William T. Trego: Catalogue Raisonne

Mounted Trooper, n.d

Vital Statistics

Pencil sketch on paper, 22 x 12 inches
Current location unknown


According to the Mercer Museum’s Vice President for Collections and Interpretation, Cory Amsler, who documented the work in 1992, the drawing shows a soldier looking over his shoulder and firing a pistol. He holds a sword in his left hand. For this image of a mounted trooper engaged in vigorous action, it is possible that Trego posed his model on the barrel suspended by chains he was known to have rigged up in his studio for such purposes. Models often complained that the dollar a day they received for holding uncomfortable poses in Trego’s studio was not enough.


The drawing was owned by members of the Lewis family of North Wales, descendants of William Lewis, one of Trego’s models for The Rescue of the Colors. It was last known to have been in the possession of Leon T. Lewis Jr., who died in 2002.


When viewed and inventoried by Cory Amsler in 1992, the work was found to be dirty and in very poor condition.

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