William T. Trego: Catalogue Raisonne

Supporting the Charge of Hawkin’s Zouaves, 1901

Vital Statistics

Pen and Ink drawing on paper (presumed), Dimensions of original unknown
Signed lr: “Wm. T. Trego”
Location of original unknown. It is presumed lost.


Published in Charles A. Cuffel’s History of Durell’s Battery in the Civil War (Philadelphia: Craig Finley and Co., 1903), opposite p, 83. This commission came to Trego as a product of his fame after painting The Rescue of the Colors in 1899. Charles Cuffel, the battery historian, lived in Doylestown. He wrote in the preface to the book: “The committee was fortunate in securing the excellent illustrations drawn Mr. William T. Trego, the well known painter of military subjects.”

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