William T. Trego: Catalogue Raisonne

Revolutionary War Uniforms, 1900

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia

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Graphite drawings on tracing paper (copy), 19 1/2 x 23 1/2 inches, irregular
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia


In 1900 Trego received a request from Belgian artist Théophile Lybaert for information regarding the details of American Revolutionary War uniforms. As a part of his response, Trego prepared eighteen drawings with annotations to include with the voluminous letter he wrote to Lybaert. The drawings included renderings of coats, jackets, and hats, but most of the drawings seem to have been devoted to details such as knapsacks, cartridge boxes, canteens, and cockades. Harrison Morris of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, who acted as the intermediary in this exchange of information, had the drawings and the letter copied for PAFA’s files. The typed copy of the letter is illustrated with three additional small sketches—apparently copies of Trego’s originals. The copy of Trego’s annotations for the eighteen drawings is hand written and the numbering corresponds item by item with the sheet of drawings. The latter is likely a copy of the original as it is on tracing paper. (Trego files and Harrison Morris press books, Archives of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; as of 2008, the list of annotations was kept in a file marked “Battery of Light Artillery en Route,” in the registrar’s office, PAFA)

Lybaert’s painting Fumeur, Tambour de Jersey Bleus shows evidence that Lybaert made use of the detailed information Trego had provided.


The drawings can be seen on the website of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts


The sheet of drawings is in excellent condition.

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