William T. Trego: Catalogue Raisonne

Nude Male Statue, 1880

Vital Statistics

Charcoal drawing on paper, irregular dimensions
Private Collection


This might be a sketch done from one of the Pennsylvania Academy’s collection of plaster casts of famous sculptures. Trego mentioned “drawing from the antique” at PAFA in one of his letters to academy president Edward Coates. (Letter of Wm. T. Trego to Edward H. Coates, 11 January 1891, Trego Correspondence File, PAFA Archives)


The sketch is one of several rescued by Walter E. Baum from Trego’s studio after his death. It passed to Baum’s son, Robert “Bert” Baum, and from him to the current owner.


The paper is discolored and brittle. There are serious losses along the edges, particularly at the top where part of the image has been lost as well.

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