We have our first #McCurryStreetChallenge winner!

We have our first #McCurryStreetChallenge winner!

We are amazed by all of the incredible Instagram #McCurryStreetChallenge photos supporting the exhibition Unguarded, Untold, Iconic: Afghanistan through the Lens of Steve McCurry. After much deliberation and careful consideration of the amazing images submitted, our Museum curators have chosen our first winner! REMEMBER: we will choose 2 more winners before the exhibition closes on October 23rd.


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The winning photograph is a moving image titled Introvert taken by photographer and visual artist Obafemi Matti (@oji._). Curators were drawn to this image not only for its strong compositional qualities, but the clever use of the embedded tools within the app to create a still, yet beautifully moving image.

Obafemi Matti

A bit more about Obafemi Matti

My interest in photography was born out of my aspiration to be a filmmaker. One day it dawned on me that film and/or video is essentially 24 still photographs in a second. With that understanding I picked up a digital camera to better understand crafting compositional elements as well as a personal aesthetic to foster my creativity.

Family is my biggest inspiration. My wife, Dominique Matti, is a brilliant writer with a fascinating collection of content to digest. We try to inspire and encourage each other to forge a life that is sustainable for our family by pursuing what we love to do. I have a 1 year old and another child on the way. I want to show them that is possible to attain happiness from whatever it is they may want to do. It is also very important to me to be able to give them some sort of legacy they can see and touch. My work, every piece of content, is a gift to them.

In this current space in time, my favorite thing to shoot is my environment. Philly; the city, the people, buildings, streets, corners, and life as it happens. My environment is my biggest muse.

If I could go anywhere in the world with my camera I would go to Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos is the city where I was born. I haven’t had the opportunity to go back for some time now and spending the better part of my life in United States, I am worried that I am losing my connection with my heritage. I would use my camera to explore the almost forgotten culture of my parents and those before them.


More of Matti’s work can be viewed at www.amatterdarkly.co. Follow his Instagram account @oji._ for daily updates!

Unguarded, Untold, Iconic: Afghanistan through the Lens of Steve McCurry will be on view through October 23, 2016. With just two more winning slots available, we encourage you to continue uploading awesome street images with the tags #McCurryStreetChallenge, #McCurryAfghanistan, and @MichenerArt!